Power outages affects thousands of Winnipeggers

Two major power outages affected nearly 13,000 Winnipeg residents Wednesday morning, according to Manitoba Hydro.

Electricity was lost around 3:30 a.m. in parts of St. James, Tuxedo, North and South River Heights, and Wolseley.

Manitoba Hydro said it was caused by an equipment failure on a transmission line and is working to restore power.

Another outage on the border of Transcona and St. Boniface happened just after midnight, leaving 380 customers in the dark.

Hydro said it was caused by a downed power line.

Most customers have had power restored, but some will still be without electricity until around 8 a.m. as repairs are done, a representative from Hydro said.

Street lights and controlled intersections were affected, but police said most are back to normal.

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